5 Star Raves?

5 Star Raves?

Are you creating happy customers?
Do you know what they are saying about you?

One of the key aspects of customer service, as touched on in 50 Shades of Love, is creating customer delight, resulting in happy customers. Consider, how important happy customers are to the future success of your business.

Most business owners appreciate that without happy customers their business won’t last long. Ideally, happy customers become raving fans and tell friends and contacts how good you are. They provide testimonials, giving new clients the reassurance they need to buy from you. They leave positive comments on review sites. And most importantly, they may come back to buy from you again.

The picture at the head of this email, of a queue outside a French Bakery in Bucharest (Romania), shows the results you get when you get your formula right… It was taken early on a Saturday morning, and already the affluent of Bucharest were lining up to ensure their weekend treats! Imagine the reputation this shop must have to deserve such loyalty - and how word of its offer must have spread.

Looking at our jet engine metaphor; cold air is sucked-in and combusted then kicked out the back of the engine as hot air. This leaves white trails of condensation. These contrails can linger for minutes or even hours across the sky depending on the atmosphere at that time. In business, when your clients talk about you, like contrails they leave a highly visible sign of whether or not you delighted or failed their expectations. And their opinion can linger in the minds of others for quite some time.

Unhappy customers, at worst, want revenge. Everyone knows that bad news travels faster than good - and with our French Bakery, how the queue is unlikely to have remained if bad word had spread… So you need happy customers to survive and thrive - and customer delight is essential!
Given a choice, how often do you return to a business
that ripped you off or let you down?

For any business wanting a sustainable, long-term future, it has to be a top priority to create happy, delighted customers that say great things about you. These customers will use you again and again, and recommend you to others.

To get this right, you need to know exactly what your customers think of you. You have to know what they are saying to their friends, contacts, or strangers in a queue! Even if you have delivered everything to your highest possible standards, if the client feels differently, that is their experience. To be certain of this you need to gain customer feedback - which we'll look at next month.
Do you have delighted customers who will use you again?
What are they actually saying to people about you - that you don’t hear?
Will they recommend you to their contacts and friends? 

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