Deal... or No Deal?

Deal... or No Deal?

Love it or hate it...
Selling or being sold to...
Should it be pressure or pleasure?

With your prospective clients moving through your Customer Sales Journey (see Mixed or Matched Messages) and marketing messages tailored to your target audience (see The Perfect Match) - you'll then need a successful sales process to turn enquiries into new business.

What is sales?
Some people love selling, others hate it. The word is often associated with the pushy salesman who does not listen or does not care, applies too much pressure to the customer, and will do or say anything to get the sale. Good sales people know that selling is about solving the genuine problems, needs, wants, desires of their customers. 
Selling is about offering appropriate and wanted solutions
to fulfil the customer's needs.

It can help to think of selling as, helping people to buy.

Sales as Service
This links sales directly with customer service and understanding your client's needs. This can be an open conversation with your customer, asking them questions to help them describe in their own words, the wishes they want fulfilled and helping them find a match, if appropriate, between what they want and the solutions you provide. The better this is done the easier and less pressured a sale will be, and the more delighted the customer will be with the end result. This approach is called consultative selling.

Linking Marketing and Sales
It's important to align your marketing and sales activities so they overlap, especially in three key areas:

  1. Marketing and sales messaging
  2. Highlight your competitive advantage. Why you above all others?
  3. The customer sales journey and 5 to 21 touches to a sale

When all factors point to you being the perfect solution for your potential new client, the process moves from pressured selling to a personable conversation... and, for both parties, should be a pleasure! 

How well do you understand your client's problems?
Are your sales and marketing activities aligned?

Are you having open conversations about your clients'
needs, wants and desires... to make the process a pleasure?

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