Price Watch: Luxury or Ordinary?

Price Watch: Luxury or Ordinary?

How confident are you of your pricing?
Where are you positioned in your market place?
Are you charging enough to make a profit?

Last month we started looking at the fuel in your Business Jet Engine; the finances that keep your business running. The very clear message was "You cannot run a business without a financial plan" - A good starting point is looking at the cash coming into your business and having products priced correctly to make a profit.


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"Buzz... did you check the fuel?"

"Buzz... did you check the fuel?"

If you know where you're going...
Have you considered your finances?
And what you'll need to get there?

With the Sales & Marketing loop in our Business Jet Engine improved, you should have more customers coming through the business, having a great experience and recommending you. At this point, many business owners find they're working really hard to service their new clients - but with no additional money in the bank.

The next part of our story looks at the fuel in your engine, which we liken to the cash in your business. Without which, you simply can't operate.


Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Are you ready for the future?
Do you know how your customers will be changing?
Will you adapt to change with them?

When we talk about Future Strategy in The Business Jet Engine model, we don't mean business planning. Future Strategy relates to market intelligence and your ability to change with your clients into the future.