Amazing Journey - Wrong Direction

Amazing Journey - Wrong Direction

It doesn't matter how fast you travel...
if you arrive at the wrong destination.

Do your operations really serve you?

First - what are operations?
Operations are all the systems and process that help you deliver your product or service; this might be how you manufacture and deliver goods, how you organise work flow, how you run projects from start to completion, or how you process invoices. They are all the things you do on a repeat basis that make your business run.


50 Shades of Love

50 Shades of Love

Do your customers feel loved and cared about?
Or do they feel you're indifferent?

No business can survive without customers, and we know it's far more effective to retain customers than to constantly seek out new ones. To retain existing customers they need to feel looked after, that their needs really matter to you, and they're not just a sales figure.

The Business Jet Engine®: Customer Service

Creating Customer Delight
We all have competitors, and our customers know this!
Given the choice between two equal suppliers, they will always choose the one that cares about them most. Exceptional customer service is not good, nor great. It does not leave the customer feeling moderately satisfied. It delights! It creates a WOW! If it's the best they've ever had they will tell their friends and come back for more.

Every transaction, every point of contact, every time. Creating an exceptional customer experience relies on your customer's lasting impression of your brand. Having a superb interaction with one employee and then a poor experience with the another will leave them unconfident about what to expect from your business; on average you will be judged by your poorest attempt.

Sales as Service
Selling, or more appropriately helping people buy, is integral to excellent customer care. Your customer has a problem, a need, want or desire, and they are looking for someone to fix it. Helping them find what they need is central to making a sale. This requires asking them about their needs and wants and matching that with an ideal solution - which is hopefully your product or service.

Product Knowledge
Finding the very best solution for a customer requires a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of what you offer. By following an appropriate questioning process you can identify the solutions that best meet the needs of your customers. Increase staff competence in this skill by introducing regular customer service and product knowledge training.

It doesn't matter how well you think you look after your customers, it's only their opinion that counts. When customers, in their opinion, feel loved they remain loyal - and loyal customers are priceless.

On a scale of 0-10...
Do your customers feel truly loved?


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Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

Is networking your main source of new business?
Are you one of the many who don't respect the basics?

In the run up to Christmas we find ourselves invited to many networking meetings with festive jumpers galore. We enjoy networking; having the chance to meet new people and catch up with clients and contacts. 

Some of you may be experienced pros at networking, and for others it may be new, or perhaps daunting. In either case, it is important that we do not forget the true value and purpose of networking.

Are You Building Sandcastles?

Are You Building Sandcastles?

How highly do you rate your product?
What about your customers?

Back in February we spoke about Competitive Advantage - you can read it again here - where we identified your Niche and your Edge. But to successfully solve our client's problems, we must first completely understand what the problem is.