Tuning by Numbers

How well is your engine running?
Would you know when it's running rough?
Do you know how to tune it?

Management accounts in business are rather like the fuel management system of your engine, they make sure your business is running as it should, and producing the results you want.


Profit: A Dirty Word?

Profit: A Dirty Word?

Do you have clear sales targets?
Do you have a budget for expenses?
Do you have a plan for profit?

This may sound so obvious, but many businesses leave making a profit to chance...

In our previous newsletter we looked at the first stage of getting fuel into your business - through setting prices appropriately. With maximised pricing your business has a chance of making a profit - but, of course, there’s far more to achieving this.


Price Watch: Luxury or Ordinary?

Price Watch: Luxury or Ordinary?

How confident are you of your pricing?
Where are you positioned in your market place?
Are you charging enough to make a profit?

Last month we started looking at the fuel in your Business Jet Engine; the finances that keep your business running. The very clear message was "You cannot run a business without a financial plan" - A good starting point is looking at the cash coming into your business and having products priced correctly to make a profit.


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