Why The Business Jet Engine®?

Why The Business Jet Engine®?

Many of you may already know that in September The Business Jet Engine was launched; both as a book and online - but do you know why I created it? 

From my first career as a product designer to my second career as a coach, I've always wanted to create tools to help people be more effective in business, leadership and life. Working with small business owners I soon identified;

"Few business owners have been trained in business"

One of the biggest challenges they face is that despite being great at what they do, very few have been trained in successfully growing a business. They're bombarded with advice and 'secrets for maximum growth' and become overwhelmed by options, or remain inactive through uncertainty. 

"It's easy to become overwhelmed or remain inactive"
Through many years working with business owners I started to spot a common pattern to the lessons they learned along the way, as they realised all the elements needed to make their business work at its best.

As I watched my clients on this common journey a metaphor started to appear. I played around with this idea, linking it to an aircraft and jet engine, which I developed further until it grew into The Business Jet Engine model where all the parts made sense.
At last, I had a picture, a system, a diagram that clarified everything - and has proved to be highly appreciated and effective.

With The Business Jet Engine model you can: 

  • see how business works as a system 
  • score all the parts of your own business
  • see where you are weak or strong 
  • identify your priority areas to improve
  • make simple but powerful plans for the year ahead

So, with an unashamed plug, if you don't already use The Business Jet Engine:

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