Are You Building Sandcastles?

Are You Building Sandcastles?

How highly do you rate your product?
What about your customers?

Back in February we spoke about Competitive Advantage - you can read it again here - where we identified your Niche and your Edge. But to successfully solve our client's problems, we must first completely understand what the problem is.

PRODUCT; the problem you solve for your clients
The problem you solve could also be a need, want or desire.
If you don't really know what problem you're solving
- you don't have a business

Understand the Problem
To do this you need to have in-depth discussions with the people involved. You need to study the problems to see what causes the greatest challenges. Check how customers currently solve those problems and understand how this could be improved.

  • How far are their current solutions from their ideal?
  • Can they even imagine what an ideal solution would look like?
  • How do they rate the solution you provide - is it as good as they would like?

Identify the Buyer
In addition, you may have more than one customer. In many purchasing situations, the end user of your product is not the only decision maker. Your solution will need to satisfy every party concerned. When a young teen wants/needs new trainers there are two very different requirements to fulfil: The parent (accounts department) will expect a hardwearing and reliable shoe, whereas the teen (end user) favours style and comfort. For the purchase to be successful all challenges must be overcome.

  • Do you know what your clients really value?
  • Do you know what they would be willing to pay for the ideal solution?

Delight the Customer
Creating delight will ensure that you stand out and your clients will either buy from you again or advocate for your business. Delight may stem from exceptional functionality or design; providing special features or superb usability. This is added value, it delivers more than was expected.

  • Do you know what your clients score your solution to their problems?
  • How do you add value by solving your client's problems?

Your product is the foundation of your business.
Make it exceptional.

Build your castle much stronger than sand.


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