Stuck on the Runway?

Stuck on the Runway?

What are Strategic Goals?
And why are they so hard to achieve?

Strategic goals are those that will have a significant impact on your business in the long-term. This might include creating a new offering, increasing your capacity or implementing new systems to make you more efficient.

The challenge is carving out time that is hard to find whilst you are busy running your business. Most people are working flat-out just keeping their business working in its current form. Finding time for strategic change requires focus, commitment, and often sacrifice. Normally something has to give from your day-to-day priorities.
Finding this extra time is what defines those
who achieve the most in the long run

Using this precious time wisely is the next vital step. Start by identifying the right strategic goals, perfectly aligned with your business mission and objectives. Next, decide what will have to give and block time in your diary to ensure your strategic tasks get done. Growth nearly always costs you in the short term and the trick is to decide how you pay to get there.

For us this is particularly pertinent, having just achieved a major strategic goal that has been 2 years in the making and many more building up to it.
We are proud to announce the launch of
The Business Jet Engine®!
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This has created a profound change to our business; it makes our work affordable and available to thousands more businesses nationally and globally.

When considering the future of your business - Do you know what you most need to change?

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