Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Are you ready for the future?
Do you know how your customers will be changing?
Will you adapt to change with them?

When we talk about Future Strategy in The Business Jet Engine model, we don't mean business planning. Future Strategy relates to market intelligence and your ability to change with your clients into the future.  
We have frequently mentioned the importance of knowing what your clients truly value. By understanding their problem, their pain, you are in a much better position to provide a product or service that they really need.

Now, you want to understand your client's problems into the future, and where your market place is going in 1 to 5 years. You need to know what changes will be taking place.

First, identify your ideal future clients; the ones you want to build your business around going forward. Then identify one to three people to have a personal, in-depth conversation about their ambitions for themselves and their business; their hopes, fears, what they wish they could solve, what they wish you could solve for them, where they see their industry going, how they need to change - and then whether or not they see you as part of that future.

This exercise, unlike customer feedback, is not about a high quantity of responses, it is about quality. Having just two high quality in-depth conversations will reveal far more than a hundred quick client responses.

The information you most want to discover is:
  • What are they anxious and excited about?
  • What opportunities and threats are they seeing?
  • How they will need to adapt?
  • How you will need to adapt to serve them?

The problems that you are particularly looking to solve, are those of the highest value to your client - the solutions that allow them to grow and develop, meet opportunities and mitigate against threats.

This will allow you to adapt, perhaps offering new products or services, delivering them in new ways, and ensuring that you're ready to face the future. 
Who are your ideal clients?
Do you know how they see the future?
Will you be ready to serve them?

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