Go! - Go! - Grow!

Go! - Go! - Grow!

Is your growth plan working?
And if not - are you working consistently?

Spring is the season for growth - but are you seeing the fruits of your labour?

We started the year creating plans; goals and actions to ensure we grow. Then KPIs; keeping track of our actions against those plans.

So how much progress have we made so far?
And the real question - are we even following the plan?

We sometimes assume that because we took time to sit down and write a growth plan it will work just because it exists. Or that dusting it off occasionally to "check in" is the same as systematically following it.

Remember, we wrote these plans! We spent time researching and evaluating our market and prospects, and made good judgements on how best to reach new clients. Which means that we know the plan should work - if only we follow it consistently.

Consistency is the key to growth. If you're the Hare, sprinting ahead for a month, but get distracted or fall asleep, then progress and growth will halt. So it is in business.

When we create our plans we need to know exactly what we intend to do, and stick to it. 

For Example:
If you need to attend 10 networking events to gain 2 new clients per month, but you're only attending 5, you're unlikely to achieve your goal however much you want it.

What we do consistently is what matters. It becomes our culture. The Hare sprints ahead and forgets. The Tortoise progresses consistently knowing perseverance will prevail. Consistent right action leads to success.

Are you following your growth plan consistently?

Aesop - "Keeping on wins the race"

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