Party - Party? - Party!

Martin Riley: December Newsletter

Party - Party? - Party!

Is work a conveyor belt of problems? Or do you celebrate your wins - and party!!?

Winning contracts, streamlining processes, developing staff, hitting targets, achieving goals. These are all victories! Any worthwhile goal takes hard work, time, and commitment to achieve. But having done so we immediately focus on the next, because there's always so much more to do. And we forget to appreciate what we've achieved so far.
Imagine you're walking up a mountain - constantly looking at the summit - and it never seems to get closer.
Then you stop, take a breath, and turn around. As you look back you witness the distance you've travelled. Your starting point is a speck in the distance. As you scan your route you see the steep climbs you've already overcome. It's taken time, effort, and determination to come this far. And even though there's still a long way to the summit you can appreciate what you've achieved - and take time to stop and enjoy the view.
So in business when we forget to review our progress, we fail to acknowledge our efforts - and celebrate what we've achieved!
The more meaningful the goal, the bigger the celebration should be. Big celebrations should be memorable; a reminder that hard work pays off. A small win might be marked with a ringing bell, words of thanks, or a round of cakes. But for a big win you might consider upgrading your car, or even taking the team on a short holiday (Yes - one of our clients does this very cost effectively; and to great effect to team morale).
So take a look back over your journey this year and choose the three victories of which you're most proud. Ask the individuals in your team to do the same. And if you haven't done so - CELEBRATE and PARTY!!
December 2016So what about our wins? Here's 3 from each of us:


"Hitting a major target including continued very positive feedback from our clients. Successfully hiring Richard with a smooth transition from Molly. Fantastic progress writing my first book, and receiving the trademark."

"Securing my position with the company and totally owning the role. Integrating quickly into the local business community through networking. Creating high quality videos for our online course."

To celebrate our major target and to share that with our clients (we love our coffee and know many of our clients do too) we've ordered a professional cappuccino machine! Book in now to avoid the rush! ;-)

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